Simplified Scrum view

Imagine Scrum as road trip. Where development team is the car & driver. Fuel is the product backlog. Fuel distributor is the product owner. Scrum Master is your specialized mechanic.

Imagine Scrum as road trip. Where development team is the car & driver. Fuel is the product backlog. Fuel distributor is the product owner. Scrum Master is your specialized mechanic. 

The car has a dashboard with meters and indicators. They show if everything is working as expected or there are things need closer inspection. This dashboard is Scrum transparency.

Worth to mention that this transparency is not only about development team. Fuel quality affects the engine! So if engine check light is on. It could be related to fuel -product backlog-. During road trip, continues inspection of everything affecting the car operation is important. Transparency will definitely help in proper inspect and adapt process.

The mechanic -Scrum Master- services the car. It's important to recognise that this mechanic shouldn't be fixing the car. By fixing I mean damage fixing. Because this car is self-managed. It can fix itself through continues inspect and adapt. The moment mechanic starts fix a damage i.e. engine damage. That's a sign of a serious issue. It could cause this car to be dumped. 

The mechanic makes sure nothing is blocking the car from functioning properly. That include transparency. The mechanic does the normal service which helps the car to perform as expected. 

This car is well made. But If you use inappropriate fuel. Let's say diesel instead of premium unleaded. This will harm its engine. If you ignored oil service. This will harm its engine. If it lacks transparency this will put the car at risk of not showing how it's performing.

This is my simplified view about Scrum. So be sure to make the most of your trip.

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